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A meeting of the East and the West


Yoga Focusing is the meeting of posture and felt sense in order to be more anchored and authentic in one’s physical, emotional and mental body as well as in one’s life. Yoga is transmitted to us by Eastern wisdom and Focusing is given to us by Western wisdom.

Yoga Focusing is the encounter of these two approaches. On the one hand, Yoga invites us to recognize our true nature which is sat chit ananda (truth, consciousness, bliss), to develop our power of attention and concentration and to relate to that which never changes. Focusing, on the other hand, is part of the psycho-physical and humanist approaches introduced in the 1970s in order to know oneself, heal our wounds from the past, meet ones different parts and thus becoming a more integrated and true being.
This is the root of Yoga Focusing. This approach combines my two life-long passions, Yoga and Focusing which have been the two great inspirations of change and balance in my life.

I will introduce you now to the discovery of what Yoga Focusing is concretely:

Generally in a yoga class, the teacher guides and the student follows. In Yoga Focusing, the participant is also invited to share what  is happening inside  by naming his somatic feeling called a “felt sense”. Thus deepening his experience and following with awareness the intelligence of the process wishing to emerge.

Yoga Focusing also applies to individual practice. By naming what is happening inside during the experimentation of postures, more space is created which helps us consciously follow the deepening of our self-awareness. This practice brings the sensation of having a wider base on which it feels good to rest.
Yoga Focusing is also the union of our masculine and feminine aspects. After settling in this grounded presence, the posture is explored from alignment and rooting as well as fluidity and undulation. The body language then expands integrating a playful quality to the exploration while making the experience more global and unified.

Following this exploration, the participant is invited to experience the posture even more intensely by personalizing it in order to dare meet the unknown and  let something new  emerge  from the body freely. Spontaneous and / or involuntary movements can then appear bringing with them liberation and healing.


Following this experience a revealing opened space can appear, allowing the meeting with pure presence and pure silence.

Posture is also used as the foundation on which our intention can rest to manifests itself in our lives regarding a particular theme.

We also use breath, sound, physical sensation and emotion as gateways for greater intimacy with oneself, thus daring to meet ourselves in greater amplitude, depth and expression. Posture, slow and expressive movement then serve as a support to deepen this encounter.

In Yoga Focusing, tensions, contractions, heaviness, pains as well as lightness, openness, warmth and softness are all welcomed with kindness. They are then set in motion in order to better reveal themselves and  make their way to a greater physical and emotional release.

The practice of verbal reflection and resonating by the facilitator, partner or group is used during the workshop to ground and deepen the individual experience. Thanks to this interrelationship, communion with something bigger than oneself then takes place.

The basics of Focusing are transmitted in order to have a better understanding and connection to the felt sense that will guide us throughout the practice. These basics will also be used for solo-focusing. This skill can be used later as a resource to see clearly into oneself in everyday life.

In summary, here are the benefits of Yoga Focusing: grounded presence, welcome what is, ability to feel and name, intimacy with oneself, encounter with the feminine and the masculine, bodily and emotional liberation, expression of one's creativity, greater autonomy and communion with the greatest, the divine.



Saturday and Sunday: 9h30 to 12h30 and 14h to 17h

Dates to come.

Introductory training


1st week-end :

·       Basics of Focusing

·       Practice of somatic felt sensing

·       Introduction to Yoga Focusing

·       Yoga posture as a felt sense

·       Body language development: feminine and masculine aspects of


·       Personalization of posture


     Advanced training


    2nd week-end:

·       Solo-Focusing basics

·       Practice of Solo-Focusing with posture

·       Sound integration

·       Spontaneous and involuntary movements

·      Deepening of Yoga Focusing practice


3rd week-end:

·         Cultivating intention in postures

         Integration of opposites

         Incorporation of the practice of verbal reflection, sound and


       Teaching from the felt sense

       Cultivating pure presence in Yoga Focusing

       Deepening of Yoga Focusing practice


* This advanced training is recognized by the La Fédération   Francophone de Yoga as part of the Therapeutic Yoga Training and is a considerable addition to it.


* Taking an individual Focusing session during the 45-hour training course is recommended in order to better understand, grasp, experiment with and validate the power of Focusing as it is the basis of Yoga Focusing. This can be done by phone, skype or in person. A special rate of $50 CAD will be offered for this session.


Price : $ 225.00 per module


Yoga teacher and therapist in Focusing
31 years of experience and wonder

 819 322-5128

 Facebook Page : Yoga Focusing


The study of Yoga, movement, dance, meditation, human and spiritual development are my passion for as long as I can remember.

My love for life has brought me to practice and teach  these disciplines for over 31 years in Quebec,  British Columbia, the United States and Europe.

I work as a Yoga teacher, speaker and lecturer in institutional, community and private settings.

Out of my passion and expertise in Yoga was born the Yoga of Presence and Sounds as well as Yoga Focusing. In Yoga of Presence, the body is honored and listened to in order to make a more penetrating contact with oneself. It is used to perceive our essence through slowness which brings us into our depth. In Yoga Focusing, the felt sense experienced in the postures is listened to and followed for deeper grounding, greater physical and emotional release and better self-knowledge.

Certified Yoga Teacher
Member of the Francophone Federation of Yoga
Certified Focusing Therapist
Member of the Focusing Institute